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I almost got a hatchet two years ago.

Such a cool looking machine, right? It can go from 26 to 29 wheel with same frame? 4" tires to go from sand and snow? Also, I saw a video of someone riding it straight up a street curb...yes, up a street curb!! I want that!!, but at close to $1000...I was a little hesistant.

If I had just waited 2 months before buying my 24" Nimbus Mtn, I would have seen the hatchet on sale for $500 on amazon!!! I would have definitely bought it at that price. (why so cheap, it was probably somebody returning it)

Anyways, fast/frwd to now. I hardly see anything about the hatchet. No new videos. It's barely selling. I hear rumors that it's a bit awkward to ride and the idea that it can handle 26.5, 28, 29 tire size...well that means you have to spend a lot of money for the rims/tube/tires....fat tires ain't cheap.

My enthusiasm for it has waned a bit, and I'm having good progress on my 24". (maybe more than, if I had actually been able to get the hatchet...perhaps my progress would have retarded a bit with that machine) So, I still want to ride a hatchet, but I will just wait until I find another unicycle rider who might owns a hatchet and give it a try.

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