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Originally Posted by Spinningwoman View Post
Well, I ended up spending four hours at the skatepark with maybe an hours total break sat on the beach cooling off and eating ice-cream in between. Fun, but no breakthroughs. No broken records, even, though I think I'm getting 4 pedals a bit more consistently on pushing off. I'm liking the launching from a step method, despite the fact that I have never managed more than two pedals from it and it feels like starting from scratch. At least I feel that it is helping to train towards mounting, and any distance I get from that will be 'real' distance, as opposed to just taking longer to fall over after a supported start.

So far, I've come across only a few threads in the archives from people who took this long to get started, and not all of them have a good outcome recorded. Encouragement (as always) gratefully received!
You joined this forum about the same time as I did and I have been following your progress closely. I must say you are fairing much the same as me, and I used to ride one twenty years back reasonably well. Nowadays, I tend to push off from the wall and away I go, sometimes a short distance, sometimes longer.
I think, and I have no proof that this is right, I believe that due to age perhaps, we tend to be a trifle more guarded about our welfare in case of a fall. This somehow translates into the time taken to learn the balance act, this is most certainly true in my case. I can hear those "Told you so" cretins in the background.
I am quite astonished how concentrated practice over a few hours can actually make things a mite worse in the balance stakes sometimes. I have found that short 15 minute exercises are good, then about an hour later, another 15 minutes and so on. But that is just me of course.
I truly believe you are getting the hang of it very nicely, remember in the beginning, how simply sitting on the seat, had you corkcrewing whilst attempting to get your other foot onto a pedal, well you have come a mighty long way since then, make no mistake. Besides, what is the immediate rush?
I currently still have a lumpy shin that was created ages ago, so my wife agreed to my purchasing a set of knee and shin guards, hopefully this will result in a devil may care attitude to free mounting, which is an almost insurmountable obstacle to my moving forward. We never know it all, it is a lifetime of learning, conquer something and that potentially leads to the next thing. I have set a reasonable goal myself, if it happens this year, great, if not, well all is not lost is it..???

Keep up the good work, the country is awaiting your success, not that I am applying any pressure you understand...
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