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Originally Posted by Spinningwoman View Post
Ok, two questions about things I've read which I don't seem to be able to fit into my experience. One is the wave your arms around for balance thing. The other is the twist your hips with each pedal stroke thing. Both feel like they make sense, but I don't actually get any period where I am 'struggling to keep my balance' where I could do stuff like that. I'm either (very very briefly) balanced, or I'm over. Nothing in between.
Both those techniques can be practiced from a still stand. Find something to hold onto. Maybe practicing these techniques without moving will make you ready to use them when you are moving. You can start the exercise with the pedals in the 3/9 position, then vary it by offsetting the pedals a small amount in either direction. You can probably find some high-intensity, action-packed videos of people doing still-stands on the web. Both the hips and hands are necessary for still-stands. A woman just broke the record...over an hour! Anything that helps your balance is going to help you unicycling. Good luck!
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