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Free Muni in Boston, MA, pickup only.

Hi all, my parents are moving, cleaning out the basement...
This is a great old unicycle, outfitted with a good seat, I think it has an air tube in the seat. its got a 3" gazzolodi tire, snafu pedals, some strong cranks...

has not been ridden in probably 10 years. Might need a new tube. I'm 6'6'' so you might need to lower the seat...

This is pick-up only. I don't live there, but if you email me and tell me when you want to pick it up I will tell my folks to leave it on the porch and you can go grab it. There are some historical stickers on the frame. If you would like a team youkneesighkill t-shirt maybe we can work something out.

Please email me at if you are interested!
Dan (formerly uni-man-dan on these forums)
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