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actually the 180mm rotor is fine.

However it is a bit more complex. The BL-M445 is using a BR-M447 caliper. This caliper has plasic pistons which only allow the usage of resin pads. Sintered pads could actually take more heat, but also heat up the pistons and calliper more which will not work with the plastic pistons.

I am not sure on all the Shimano models, however at least from the SLX and higher grade, they all use ceramic pistons. Then you can use sintered pads as well.

Bottom line: If you significantly want more brake power and way better fading resistance, you will likely have to go for an upgrade of your brake.

As an example: We found the same issue when going down a steeper, long decent on a Muni tour. While my Shimano Saint did not have any issues, another brake (BR-M447) showed the discoloured rotor and started smelling, although the riders weight (she) was at least 20kg less than mine.
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