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I think the most important thing to note with unicycling is that even when you're not making progress, you're making progress. Dealing with frustration is the most important part of learning to ride a unicycle, and you're still learning even if your performance doesn't show it.

It's been nearly 3 years since I first learned to ride a unicycle, and I vividly remember my learning thread and how helpful everyone was. I had many of the same issues you're experiencing, Dingfelder nearly everyone experiences them.

I also started out on a 24" and struggled for weeks with it; I came so close to purchasing a 20" because many suggested it would be easier. So it took me nearly 4 weeks to learn to ride 1 hundred feet unassisted.

One of my biggest issues was simply not pedaling enough; I would ride too slow, which is harder to do than riding at a more moderate pace. It seems lots of beginners struggle with not pedaling enough and it's largely because it feels scary riding so "fast".

Sadly, the Club 24" unicycle I learned on is falling apart. Between the seat deteriorating, the pedals deteriorating and threads becoming increasingly loose(I got it backwards so used to ride it "backwards" while riding forward for miles before I realized what was wrong), and bolts popping out, I decided to purchase a new 24". This time it's a Nimbus II. Almost considered a 20" again, but if I get a 20" it should be a giraffe.

Good luck do you, Dingfelder!
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