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OTM, Thanks, that is a great post, very helpful. Im very new at this. I have been limited to riding on gravel with my 26 Nimbus Muni since the beginning. I now have 22 hours of practice over 21 days. I have gotten out to 120 feet, but yesterday I remembered about a nearby piece of safe to ride unused highway. I did 40 attempts at riding on it. Out of 11 of the tries I lost it and bailed during the launch. I had a lot of good short runs that were 20 - 30 footers. The best part was, I got to 120, 129, 245and a fantastic run of 250. All of the rides were pretty erratic with a lot of arm flapping. I was at times, aware of not being fully settled into the seat and my pedaling action was jerky, but I was riding. I will be going back to that spot again regularly. Does anyone think that I should ride the paved road exclusively for a while or would it be beneficial to mix it up with my riding on gravel at home. Almost all of the roads around here are gravel or bush trails. I guess Im going to have to start to try and learn free mounting soon. Thanks
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