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Originally Posted by Dingfelder View Post
I spend a fair percentage of practice time just trying to balance while not moving too. Trying to lean less and less by slowly straightening my arms against the platform. I need the side support because even staying straight forward-to-back is plenty enough of a challenge. Honestly it seems harder to me than keeping from tilting left and right.

There are times when I feel like I'm getting a split second of balance in by moving slightly, and times when I feel like I'm getting it by freezing in place like all my body parts are dead. Which feels more competent but more impossible to sustain at the same time. Either way, I hope my nervous system is getting the chance to pick up cues.
You are thinking this all wrong. Nobody learns to ride a bike by trying to still stand first. Same with a unicycle.

Riding a unicycle has very little to do with balance. It is about the dynamics of a continually saved fall. Lean forward and steer towards the direction of the fall. Put the wheel in the same place where you would put your foot if you were walking.

Sideways and back and forth are all part of one action. Once you get this happening, the balance ability to still stand comes with riding practice.

In almost every aspect of unicycling, the techniques for a beginner are quite different from those of a skilled rider.

Get away from supports. Supports get in the way of that requirement to steer into the fall. You need to be able to ride in any crazy direction to get the wheel under you. Hold onto something to start and ride away from it into the open.

To start, lean quite a lot and accelerate the wheel quickly under you as you begin to fall. This is to get you up to a reasonable speed. Like riding a bike it is more difficult the slower you go.

Remember the uni leans slightly backwards while the rider leans lightly forward. The worst advice ever given was to align the uni and your spine which is what you are doing trying to still stand.
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