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Originally posted by GILD
not quite sure if i'd call them 'teckno'...
u say tomahto, i say tomeito, i guess
Club/Dance would be a better classification. It still fits in a category of music that I don't really care for. Dance music has no passion and no feeling. It's a mechanical beat. Music with no passion is not worth listening to (even if it's worth dancing to).

Since this thread started with a tribute song, my current favorite tribute song is "Hurt" as sung by Johnny Cash. That song has some powerful emotion in it. It has passion. It is real music. Hurt is originally a Nine Inch Nails song, but I now recognize it more as Johnny Cash's song. It just fits Johnny Cash so much. And Johnny Cash's video that goes along with the song is powerful too. I consider it a tribute to Johnny's hurtful side during his career.

A local radio station played Johnny Cash's version of Hurt the day that he died. I was driving in the car when it was played. I almost had to pull over cause it was hard to concentrate on the driving. If I hadn't been on a busy highway I would have pulled over. I still have a hard time listening to that song.

Another tribute album that I enjoy is Queen's Made in Heaven. Dedicated to the immortal spirit of Freddie Mercury.
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