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RTL - Lost Wheelers (1st ungeared)
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Muddy, muddy, muddy

Yes, it really was muddy - but fun!

I think my team beat 2 bike teams last year. So, beating 79 is a slight
Do you think it's partly due to the hillier course and partly the bad
weather? Or are we just super fit kind of guys. Whatever the reason, all
teams did exceptionally well. To think Roger's team beat 139 bike teams is
phenomenal. A really BIG well done to everyone.

Thanks Gemma, Sue & Wendy for supporting us riders. Thanks Michael & Rachael
for your patience with Tio. He really enjoyed playing with the two of you.

Thanks also to Roger for dragging us all there, and of course the t-shirts.
They're really good, and a vast improvement on last year's. Thanks Roger.

BTW, Roger's collecting everyone's photos taken over the weekend. He'll be
putting them all onto one CD, then copying them for distribution to all who
took part. I hope that's OK with everyone.

See most of you soon.
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