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As best I can recall I've only had a few accidental shifts. Like everybody else it was from low to high gear. Most often its because I'm concentrating while I'm riding rough terrain and my feet and ankle tend to "cheat" closure towards the cranks as I ride. I guess they move in enough that the side of my shoe begins to rub against the shift button and "pop" gear change! Typically no problem, it's just another UPD. And as its' from low-to-high I'm not going very fast anyhow...

I've had the opposite problem as well; not being able to shift into high gear. It is important to check your equipment periodically (if don't already). I was trying to shift up on the fly and I could tell the shift rod was moving but the high gear refused to engage! Turns out the frame bearing clamps on the knurled side of the hub were a tad loose so the high gear couldn't engage! It was a subtle thing as the wheel didn't feel loose in the frame.

Riding in high-gear I've never had a accidental down shift (now that could be dangerous).
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