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Originally Posted by From the Woods View Post
Yes, I know what you mean What I was thinking about was the half rev (or how long does the shifting process last?) you are coasting after shifting. Isn't that an issue when you have a lot of pressure on the pedals?
As long as you have pressure on the pedals, the hub won't shift. The button basically initiates the shifting, but only when you release the pressure from the pedals, it will execute. That is one reason why there can be an unpredicable delay between hitting the button and changing the gear - possibly resulting in a UPD. The coasting can be up to 1/2 rev (at least it feels like that) or none at all. In most cases, when you reduce the pressure from the pedals before hitting the button, it shifts very smoothly without any delay (as said: in most cases, but not always).

I guess that you don't want to shift in rough terrain, usually you will stay in low gear and use the high gear only on nice surfaces where you can go fast.

I suggest you simply try it. You will need to make your own experience and simply get used to the way how it works.
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