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Originally Posted by banjolick View Post has anyone ever tried one of these?

They have no nose, which would reduce the blood-flow issues for long rides, but I wonder if this seat would end up being too difficult to control the cycle from.
I've thought about it too for a while. While doing the Round the Mountain Cycle challenge I get to talk to a lot of local cyclists (the ones that can be bothered riding slow). One guy told me about those seats and asked if it would work on a unicycle. He said he had prostate problems or something, and a normal bike seat was too painful for him to sit on, and he got a seat that is basicly a bar to sit on with the sit bones, similar to those seats but without the split perhaps. Definitely would be hard to control with no hands on the bars, but would be interesting to try for long rides. I'm yet to try out the bike seat T7 thing for any decent distance cos the bike seat I've got is about the worst ever design.
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