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I'm very interested, and considering bringing my 12-y-o riding buddy. There's that whole father-son trip bonding experience thing, but really I just want an excuse for not riding as well as y'all.

Seriously, I assume there are actually trails around/through the boulders in that great photo above, right? Doable (umm, response from other than Tom Holub please) for a 29er roller and a kid on a 24?
Another question: how steep are we talking? I've been meaning to get my son a brake, just need to know how much training to put him through on it.

Oh, and there's that little factor of I still haven't been back on a uni since breaking my leg, and have follow-up surgery tomorrow. . . but October's far enough off, eh?

So, not quite ready to commit in the poll, but seriously considering it.
- James (and Owen)
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