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"California" Muni Weekend 2012 Teaser: Oct 5-8 in Albuquerque!

Hello unicyclists! For those of you who like to plan early, I can't keep the secret any longer: A date and location has been selected for the 2012 version of what has been popularly known as "California Mountain Unicycle Weekend".

Date: Oct 5-7 2012
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico!

In fact, these dates occur on Columbus Day Weekend, providing the most dedicated folks an extra day (the 8th) of ultra-fun adventure time.

Given the Western migratory pattern of this exiting annual adventure, the organizers have decided upon a name change too. This year's original muni weekend will be known as "Munifest Destiny: Albuquerque"!

Keep an eye out here for updates and links. In the coming weeks and months, our club website will provide info about accommodations, itinerary, etc. For now, suffice it to say that Albuquerque offers a fantastic network of trails, great food, and real cheap accommodations. For your convenience, here are driving times for some popular starting points:

Austin: 12 hrs
Denver: 7 hrs
Los Angeles: 12 hrs
Phoenix: 7 hrs
Salt Lake City: 11 hrs
San Francisco, Oregon, Seattle, Twin Cities, Vancouver: you guys should probably fly

Last, for our planning purposes, we ask that if you plan to come, please indicate so using the poll below. Note, I'm not asking if you merely WANT to come - I'm asking if you realistically expect that you WILL come. If you're not sure yet, ignore the poll until you are sure

Join us... It is your munifest destiny!

Your organizing committee,
Eyal Aharoni and
the New Mexico Mountain Unicycle Brigade (NMuni)
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