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Originally Posted by Richard C View Post
I envisage riding for short distances (say 20 km max) on paved roads.
Forget about what you want for the moment. What is the optimum type of riding in your neighborhood? It may be road riding, after all. I live next to a bunch of single track and hills. Balancing your own riding preferences with those of your local environment...that is going to put you into the zone.

I'm worried about freemounting a bigger wheel, and even more worried about falling a few more inches, but hope I could eventually manage as much as a 26". I'm 6'1" (185 cm) tall, weigh 200 lb (90 kg),
I am 6'2". I am pretty confident mounting my 26". As the wheel size gets larger, it gets difficult to get your center of gravity over the hub while mounting, it's no longer possible to do a proper static mount, you have to roll forward or jump, and things at that point feel more dicey. I don't fall that often, but I found the falls on my 29" to be much more awkward than those on my 26".

[/QUOTE]and I'm a slow learner with dodgy knees.[/QUOTE]

Riding distance on roads doesn't seem like the best recipe for dodgy knees. Short cranks, unless you really know how to use them, are going to put extra stress on the hips, knees, ankles. Long cranks exercise a range of motion without putting too much load on the knees. I suggest, whatever setup you choose, you avoid going below 150mm crank length, at least for the time being. Riding muni, as well as practicing general skills on my 20" did a lot to strengthen my knees.
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