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Choosing my second unicycle

Now that I'm getting a bit more confident on my 20" Club, I'm starting to plan my next purchase. I envisage riding for short distances (say 20 km max) on paved roads. I'm worried about freemounting a bigger wheel, and even more worried about falling a few more inches, but hope I could eventually manage as much as a 26". I'm 6'1" (185 cm) tall, weigh 200 lb (90 kg), and I'm a slow learner with dodgy knees.

Looking at UDC, it seems my options are:
  • 26" Nimbus II Road
  • 26" Nimbus Muni
  • 27.5" Qu-Ax Muni

I'm not too price sensitive, but these all seem like good value to me. Would it make sense to get a Muni and put a road tire on it for road riding? I can't imagine going off road, but a while back just riding and freemounting seemed impossible. And can I use any bike tire of the appropriate size?
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