Thread: For Sale: North America Used Magura HS22 brake sets for sale, $50-$60.
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Originally Posted by semach.the.monkey View Post
That is one of the most fantastic bits of unnecessary kit that I have ever seen. With the exception of somewhere to plug in an MP3 player so you have something to listen to while you work, it looks like you have thought of everything. I just love the little allen key storage holes!

Once again the Unicycle Bastards are showing us the way!

Yes, I've been told that I'm good at engineering solutions to problems that no one knew even existed. . . . . stay tuned for the Unicycle Bastards Midget Coker Frame for riders as short as 4"10 or so. . . . or then there was the time I built an ABS tipped counter-balanced unicyle jousting lance with a sand filled steel handle and vamplate, weighing in at about 15 pounds each!

Solar powered buggy whips anyone??
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