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Used Magura HS22 brake sets for sale, $50-$60.

Lightly used HS22 hydraulic brakes for sale that I have put together in red and black. I’ve gone through them all and replaced any worn parts so you can get a great unicycle rim brake for less dough than a new one. They don’t make the HS22 lever anymore, but its super-large piston creates some performance advantages for unicycle use over other newer Magura brake levers. See below for pics, descriptions and if you are unsure about the differences between HS22 and HS33 brakes, see the short bit I wrote on this just before the pictures.

2 ea sets, Lightly used Red HS22 lever, black alloy lever blade with red wheel cylinders: $60 per wheel, plus shipping. Pictures 1 and 2.

2ea sets, Lightly used Black HS22 lever, black composite lever blade with red wheel cylinders: $50 per wheel plus shipping. Pictures 3 and 4.

These brakes will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) or bike that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: and a place to mount a lever under the saddle like this:

Comes with lightly used Magura black or grey brake pads that I lightly resurfaced. Your choice on color.

Most of these will be set up with 18” long line from the wheel cylinders to the brake lever. I should be able to accommodate your needs for a longer or shorter line. Just ask.

I flush all used brakes with fresh Magura blue blood and bleed it twice for you before I pack and ship it. Bleeding hydraulic brakes is messy and no fun - and so you won’t have to deal with fluid leaks, after I assemble and bleed them, I test them all for leaks by putting the wheel cylinders into a test jig that I made. There, I’ll cycle the brake pistons under full power to check for leaks without having to bolt them up to a unicycle frame. See picture.

Comes with what you see in the pictures, so you will still need to get a set of Magura four bolt mounts like this : to mount the brake on your unicycle. I also have a used Magura brand set of mounts in black for sale with stainless hardware for $15.

Shipping from Portland, OR is usually $5-$8 for priority mail to most US addresses. I’m also OK shipping to Canada and have found the USPS first class international rate to be good and deliver in about 7-10 days or so. Paypal works best for me.

Brycer1968. A more direct way to communicate with me is e-mail

HS22 and HS33 Magura rim brakes. These HS numbers really just refer to the differences in the levers, so if you are interested, here is what I have found:

Lever body:
*The HS22's have a 2mm larger diameter piston than the HS33's and flow more hydraulic fluid so they can effectively push the brake pads a little longer distance when you pull the lever. I measured this difference and it works out to be over 2 mm more piston movement (so about one mm per side) for the HS22 than the HS33.
*The HS22 larger piston is great for riders that prefer to ride with the pads adjusted away from the rim a little more. Its also good for 29 or 36"er wheels, where wheel flex can cause nusiance brake pad rubbing under acceleration or idling.
*The HS33 lever body is a smaller diameter than the bulkier HS22.
*HS22 levers haven't been made for a while now.
*The HS33 levers are still made, but the newer style lever looks more delicate and has the brake line leaving the lever at an odd angle that seems to place the cable more in harms way on a unicycle. I like the older beefier pre-2005 discontinued lever and think it is better for unicycle riding, IMHO.

Lever blade:
*The HS33's have a red TPA adjustment wheel on the lever blade to adjust "on the fly" the distance between the pads and the rim, a useful feature if you damage a wheel riding off road and need to continue riding without having to pull out the hex-wrench to manually adjust the brake pads back from your now out of true wheel. I have seen only a few HS22 blades with the red adjustment wheel.
*All HS22 lever blades are straighter and longer than HS33 blades, though you can cut off either type with a hacksaw to make them shorter if you want.
*All HS 33 lever blades are aluminum. Some HS22 lever blades are made of black composite/plastic, but most are aluminum, finished silver or black.
*HS22 and HS33 lever blades are not interchangeable.
*Pre and post 2005 HS33 lever blades are not interchangeable either
*I have heard but not verified that the KH spooner will only fit on the HS33 lever blade end, which is flatter and more knifelike than the HS22 ball-end set-up.

Wheel cylinders, fittings and hardware:
*With all these lever differences, both types use the exact same wheel cylinders, fittings tubing and hardware, but the colors, logos and some of the graphics are different.
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