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Originally Posted by David_Stone View Post
...I spent the better part of that afternoon learning the mount ... at least my 20-year-old Giraffe was strong enough to withstand my attempts.
That's a great story! I wish my Giraffe was stronger. My daughter was riding it the other day and bent the frame in an UPD.

Originally Posted by waaalrus View Post careful with the position of your head. It's easy to get caught looking down at the pedal...
That's good advice that I believe also carries over to chain giraffes, at least I've found a difference when I look up. I found that out by trial and error. On my 3rd or 4th practice, I remembered that when I was first learning, it helped to look further out rather than right down in front of the wheel. So I tried it in the free mounting practice and it made a big difference, so I've done it ever since.

Seems like when I was first learning to ride a regular uni, I came across a post here on the forums where somebody compared riding uni to walking. Just as you use your overall peripheral vision to stay balanced while walking, you also can do the same with uni. I was thinking about that yesterday on a hike in the mountains. There were a lot of loose rocks on the uneven trail and I had to keep looking down where I stepped to make sure I didn't trip over them. It make me grateful that I don't have to look down at my feet all the time when I walk around.
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