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Originally Posted by Darth Elevator View Post
Thanks for your input, Leo. I've always put my non-dominant foot on the wheel, then dominant foot on the first pedal, just because I felt most comfortable with that. I wish I was tall enough to comfortably put my foot directly on the first pedal, since that would be one less variable in the equation.
It may also be beneficial to break up the steps and practice each one 10-50 times.

1. Practice standing on the tire and balancing.
2. Practice standing up on the crank and balancing there for a moment.
3. Practice getting your foot around to the other crank and sitting on the seat for a moment.

Like Leo says pay attention where your crank is and see what works best for you (straight down or slightly forward or backward). Also pay attention to the angle of your frame. I like mine a little forward and to the left because I pull it back. See what works best for you and be consistent. With more practice everything doesn't have to be perfect but it definitely helps at the beginning.
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