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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
For a 6-footer, the sequence is as follows:
  • Dominant foot on tire
  • Non-dominant foot to bottom pedal
  • Crotch to seat
  • Dominant foot to top pedal
  • Pull top pedal back to get pedals level
  • You are now off balance to the front; ride away
I haven't read all replies yet, but I happen to do that opposite!
Never really researched that big, but I may be odd, there's many other things where I use my non/dominant leg switched compare to most others.
A 5' I mount straight with my (dominant) foot on the (lower) pedal.
A 6' I mount opposite as your list above, with my leg going around the seat (passing the front), while I stand kind of on my toes of my dominant leg.

So I'd say go for what you feel is most comfortable. But after many weeks without satisfieng result; try maybe something else for a while. In the worst case you may learn anyway.

Maybe we (all unicyclists in general) focus sometimes too much on dominant and dominant legs i.c.w. what's normal for others.

One more hint to the OP:
do you happen to fall always in a certain direction? Adapt your crank-position!
Just like a kick-up mount on a direct driven unicycle never can succeed if you don't pre-calculate where you unicycle will end. With a talll unicycle it's kind of the same. With the two-step method I like it if my unicycle comes closer towards me, while I put my mass on the first pedal.

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