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George Peck: "Rough terrain cycles come in two flavors - 24 inch and 26 inch wheels. The 24 inch wheel with 5 and a half inch cranks is standard. This is a fine jumping bike and a good all-round for rolling and hopping. The smaller wheel makes it easier to maneuver in big rock. The 26 inch wheel with 6 and a half inch cranks is a better rolling bike. The longer cranks give 20% more torque and the bigger wheel gives slightly more floatation. And because of the alloyed cranks, this bike is actually lighter than the 24 inch cycle. The 26 is a rolling beauty. This would be my cycle of choice for doing forest and mountain trails where rolling is the primary activity. And the factory studded tire is available for ice and snow work
Overall, however, the 24 inch wheel is the most versatile. This is the bike that goes with me everywhere. Well, so much for basics. Let’s get going."

Well, in October 2016, I started with a 29” inch muni with 150/125 cranks. Might I say that it’s a “rolling beauty”. Then, I got myself a 24 inch muni with 150/125 cranks so I could take it “with me everywhere”. I recently took it to Georgia. I just bought 165/137 cranks to give my 29 inch muni a little more torque. I can’t wait to try the new cranks. And yes, forgive me, but as you know from reading this post, I really dig this video.

Be well and keep searching for that perfect crank & wheel ratio.
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