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George Peck: "There are two things to know about rough terrain unicycling. First, learning curve can be shallow and long, but not to worry. Joy in unicycling comes from the daily exercise of mental and physical challenges it provides. The improvement achieved on any particular day or plateau is less important than just doing it. Second, cycling is a grabber sport. Once you get into it, it wonít let you go. Cycling gives you a chance to get outdoors virtually anywhere, anytime, get a workout and meet a hosts of challenges. Like rock climbing, cycling doesnít alway require a big chunk of territory to be interesting. But the cycle is no slouch to putting 10 to 15 miles a day on a forest or mountain trail and itís compact enough to give you a good workout indoors."

This quote has helped me appreciate my smallest learning gains and it reminds me to enjoy every ride. It also gave me the encouragement to ride some of the leftover snow and ice from Thursday's snowfall.

Be well and may your 'learning curve' keep you hooked.
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