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time to go hang some weights on the gears and see if I need to remachine that part out of steel instead!
And we are in luck. I pushed an identical 6mm dowel pin into an identically drilled hole in a piece of aluminum 'L' stock to see what kinds of forces were needed to bend the planet carrier pins using a press with a digital readout.

At 200lb, the pin still looked pretty solid and didn't appear to change it's angle form before the force was applied.
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However, when I got up to around 300lb you could see clearly that the press fit hole was ovalizing a bit and the pin was pointing a few degrees downwards even after the force was released
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After 1000lb it was pretty bad
Name:  Pin Press Test 1000lb.jpg
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Anyways, this is good news since it looks like the press fit pins on the planet carrier will survive a worst case human torque application, and the build can proceed as planned.
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