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Parts Machining

It looked from the CAD model like everything could just fit just so, and luckily one thing that we have now at our shop is a CNC milling machine which wasn't available in the previous uni projects. So last week me and some of the staff at Grin went to town.

Here's the holder for the sun gear just after milling:
Name:  Sun Gear Holder.jpg
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This is the adapter piece that holds the ring gear to the left motor side cover plate being turned down
Name:  Ring Gear Holder.jpg
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Precision alignment of all these transmission parts I can only presume is quite critical for smooth gear operation, so everything turned on a lathe was centered accurately with a dial indicator to less than 0.001", like the sun gear bore (original part is
Name:  Sun Gear Machining.jpg
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And the isis spindle
Name:  Nimbus Uni Hub Centering.jpg
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This here shows the back side of the planet carrier. All of those threaded holes line up with the speed holes that are in the Nimbus hub flange, and will serve to bolt the hub spindle to the so that pedal torque is transmitted to the planet carrier.
Name:  Planet Carrier Back.jpg
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Finally, quite a moment of truth the first time all of the gear components are stacked together and spun for the first time, which happened just this past Thursday, and of course she works! Hold the sun gear, turn the spindle, and the large plate does almost two rotations.
Name:  Planetary Gear Drive Test Fit.jpg
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