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CAD Models

After a solid Sunday afternoon last weekend tied to solidworks this is what I came up with. Fortunately, we're in the process of producing an ebike hub motor that is compatible with thru-axle forks and hence uses really large diameter ball bearings, so most of the electric motor components I'm able to pull from that and use without much modification.

The design uses a nimbus ISIS unicycle hub with one flange machined right off and the other flange bolted to a planet gear carrier. This planet carrier rotates with the cranks and turns 5 of the 20 tooth planet gears around the fixed sun gear and causes the ring gear to rotate at that 170.4% ratio.

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The ring gear is attached to the left side cover plate after some heavy modifications. Meanwhile, the sun gear is attached to the end of the hollow motor axle, which is stationary and doesn't rotate.
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