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Originally Posted by LanceB View Post
As an observation, it looks like starting out from a standing stop will be a challenge. I can see how the electric assist will help, but coordinating it with your own physical launch will be interesting.
I will have an answer to this very soon that I think all of you are going to love.

What size wheel do you plan to run with this?
I'll be lacing it into a 29" initially, since that's the largest I can easily travel with to Unicon. That will give an effective wheel of 29*1.704 = 49.5 inches, not quite as tall as a Shlumpf 36 but getting pretty close.

In hindsight I regret not inverting the ring and sun gear positions, then I could have had a gear ratio of 1 + 135/95 = 2.42. Put that in a 24" wheel and still have a 58 gear inches. I think it'd be perfect.
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