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Way to go John! The only thing worse than a cancer diagnosis, is a cancer diagnosis to a child.

What John didn't mention is that this event is virtual... and spread out over the month of June. You set your mileage goal and do the fundraising...

I would join you but I've been riding in an event for the past 6 or 7 years that also raises money for cancer support. It doesn't focus on pediatric cancer, but one of the major fundraisers is also the parent of a child who passed from cancer, so a larger share of the funds is going to pediatrics.

My ride is not virtual... and I'm not going to post info on it here to avoid thread jacking the OP. I've personally raised at least $2500 every year since 2012... and my team raises anywhere from $8-15k. I have a short but solid list of regular donors that have supported me from the beginning... I'm pretty sure one ride a year and my incessant solicitations is more than they can tolerate.

Since 2012 my father and sister have both been diagnosed and deceased from cancer... so yeah, it has become personal.

Please consider joining John's virtual team...
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