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Ouch, Cathy. It hurts - I did that at reasonable speed on my 29er once, not pleasant at all and was really difficult to untangle - had to try and spin the wheel backwards whilst lying on the ground to reverse the process!!!

Nowadays I double bow my laces and then tuck the bows / ends under the crossed over laces down the front of my boots. I've never had them come loose from this arrangement.

I did try velcro shoes for a while and they worked OK. Boots give me some ankle support, which is helpful if I do come off and there are lots of crossed laces to tuck the excess into...

Another thing I discovered recently is triathlon laces - haven't tried them myself but they look just the thing. They're elastic laces that go into trainers and tighten up using a little plastic adjuster. They're intended to make it easy to get shoes on and off during triathlon and are suitable for cycling without excess catching on the pedals. I may invest in some of these at some point.
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