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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
silly bickering about age. Back to 36 talk. Today I decided to take the 36 for a spin, because I always fight getting on it, I first decided to ride at some parking lot and practice mounting. However I managed to take off at the second try. Then after some rounds on the parking lot I decided I might as well drive to the forest. Here they have cement bicycle paths throughout the forests, then it took about 4 trials to mount, and off I was. Riding a 36" is like riding a big horse. Very comfortable as opposed to a Shetland pony or well a 24" uni which I also brought along and rode right after. It is very twitchy and you have to pedal like mad and still you don't make any real speed.
Im thinking of participating at the Dutch Championships again for 5km which is only allowed on the 24", so I need some speed practice on it. I road an average of 11kph on it with stock cranks.
So actually it was quite a good morning. Riding the big one for 6-7km and then the 24" for about 3-4km.
Very nice!
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