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Originally Posted by leo View Post
Out of curiousity I just copy pasted the list of registrants, and did two unix commands:
    13	 244 France
    15	 501 Germany
    35	   1 Tuvalu
Am I reading correctly that there are 244 unicyclists coming from France to Unicon??? Where are they! When we do Paris rides, there might be 15 or 20 of us, I know there's a big club in the West, but that's what, 20 people? So I'm impressed that there would be that many people in the country with a competition level!

Wait, wait, what??? There are 501 people coming from Germany? Whoa! That's a lot guys, congrats on being so many out there.

And 1 from Tuvalu, kudos... there's less than 10000 souls on that island!
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