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Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
The point of the game is not to teach you unicycling skills. The main purpose of fictional video games, films, AND books is to entertain, not to be educational. Almost all music is also for entertainment, not to educate. Why are films, books and songs acceptable as entertainment but video games are held to a higher standard and must teach you something?

Here is a real video of someone grinding around a curved rail. The grind in the game is longer than what has currently been landed, but the Tony Hawk Skateboard games that this is based on have always had an arcade feel where gravity is different to real life.

Untrue, the brain signals that are built when learning specific button combinations would be similar to other learned and automated movements. I played video games back in the day and can still pick up some games and play at a higher level than beginners. My skill has certainly decreased over 10 years but most people who I have met on the street who unicycled back in the day also fall off a fair few times before they manage to ride again. And they usually look quite wobbly.

Many skills for many activities humans do are only transferable to very closely related things. How do the hand movements in rubik's cube solving benefit other aspects of life?

I don't understand the real riders, real tricks remark. The game features riders who currently compete, performing tricks that are currently landed?

More likely we get that question because of real world sports that kids have seen like BMX, Scootering, Skateboard that riders do flips in. Most people don't understand how a unicycle works, they don't understand the limitations of a fixed gear so they don't realise that a flip on a unicycle is rare.

That being said flips on unicycles have been done so it is not that farfetched to think it can be done.

Unicyclists constantly get made fun of in youtube comments by others for their sport being shit and are told to do a better sport like skateboarding/bmx/scootering etc.
It always amazes me how people are so judgmental and unaccepting of other peoples hobbies on youtube and I think to myself "why don't people just support the fact that people have found an activity they enjoy"

Then I see these comments and it is the same simple mindedness as all the youtube trolls online lol.
Thanks Pinoclean for your good explanation. I understand and agree with you. Video games are not a educational tutorials but for fun and spending good times. I often play video games which relax my nerves and let me breath fresh air after a hectic day. although this video game can give you some idea about the real encounter, but its never worthy to compare the real life and the computer buttons. so to learn or to feel the real experience, one must come to the street with an Unicycle and learn how to use it and adjust it. but to get some amusement i think my computer is enough for me.
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