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Just to bring this back to discussion about the game...

This looks INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to see the final version. I really hope this Kickstarter goes well.

The project has been an enormous labour of love for Daffodil, and I really admire the effort and commitment they're putting into this. Single-handedly designing a video game is not easy, regardless of doing that within the niche of the unicycle community.

For many unicyclists/general people today, the old school Tony Hawks games are a source of enormous nostalgia and I hope this is something that loops in many others who feel the same way who aren't into unicycling.

I was never a good skater, but Tony Hawks games were one of my first introductions to street sports. Although unrealistic, they capture the essence of the fun to be had and have undoubtedly led many people to take up the sports in real life, even though the game itself is not a realistic tutorial in unicycling.
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