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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben View Post
How long will it last before it breaks?

Any estimates on when this hub will be available as machine built?

Still a whole lota dough for a hub. A complete KH Guni for $1350 would be okay
5 year warranty on the hub.

I have never had any problems with mine, I did send it in to get the upgraded parts though and there was a wait to get it back.

My guess is that unless road/mountain unicycling becomes a LOT more popular that the hub will never be machine built. I wouldn't wait for it to become machine built, but in the past year it looks like Florian has made some slight adjustments to the hub (stronger planet carrier, beefier bearings, and now a longer ISIS axle (which I wish I had)).

I love my geared 36, and my geared 29 was also a lot of fun. If it wasn't for the geared hub I think I would have been burned out on distance unicycling and given it up. I definitely think it is worth the money. You also get a really cool hat with it!
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