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Day 6+

Ok, FINALLY no rain or cold. Maybe spring will come??? I actually went out for a few minutes a couple of days after putting on the new tire. Not really enough time except to see if the tire would work. Today I got in a full practice.

Good news: LOTS
*Love the new tire.
*Size and shape much better than last 2.
*I even shed my KH leg armor. (Rubs a little on jeans but not enough to stop from riding.)
*Even with the large gap in practice time. Picked up right where I left off
*Got about 7 revolutions without touching the fence.

Great weather, lots of good practice. REALLY hope to have to figure out how to get a video in here before summer of how I am actually riding this thing.

Long term plan is still to pick up a light aluminum UDC 24 inch and put folding pedals on it so that it is very portable. Then plan to adapt a backpack so I can carry it with me (like and elastic "x" strap system that it will hang on the back of the backpack.

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