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how does the tread do in the mud?

I'm going to have to buy a new frame if I get serious about running this tire. Someone mentioned that there will eventually be a wider Oracle frame to fit it... Any details on this?
Not wider, taller.

Josh said the revised frame could be here in the Spring.

I'm feeling a little lukewarm on the 29" Knard right now, the 26" Knard is not all that, and though I like the tread fine, it is a far cry from a Hans Damph. The Knard will be more a dry weather tire and depending on the casing, if it is as lit as they are saying, it might be fairly fragile as well.

Josh said the Knard was the best 29er tire he's ridden, but he hasn't riden the HD, so this would be in comparsion to tires like the Ardent, High Roller, RR, etc...

The volume is going to be the real plus for the 29" Knard, but how much more volume will we get for the extra half inch, assuming it is a true 3" tire.

The tire I want is a 29 x 3" Vee Rubber Devist8or, but it doesn't exist
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