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Here's part two of the write-up, starting with a photo of the London Eye

We met Alan by the London Eye, and after an unsuccessful attempt to build a tower of Cokers (not enough wheels) we started to weave our way along the South Bank. The sheer number of tourists makes for a constantly shifting slalom course.

We stopped off at the Royal Festival Hall, where the skateboarders hang out. Liam had a go at the ramps, and almost managed to ride up from the lower part, he made riding down look easy. He was still clipped in. Unfortunately there are no photos, perhaps next time.

By now it was about 3:30, and starting to get dark, so we decided to skip the tourism and made our way quickly down to the Tate Modern to warm up in the pub next to the river. The pub was full, but supplied blankets for those sitting outside

After we'd finished our drinks it was properly dark and significantly cooler, so all further tourism was abandoned in favour of a sprint to Tower Bridge, and then a tube ride to Victoria and the train back, or that was the plan. At this point Rich decided to leave and headed to the tube to wait for us at Victoria.

The ride from the Tate Modern takes in the Globe Theatre, the Golden Hind, London Dungeon, Borough Market, and City Hall. We sped past all of these with barely a second glance and were soon approaching Tower Bridge. We were crossing the bridge on our way to the Tower of London for the final photos of the day when Rich called to say there were no tubes the part of the line we intended to use due to "planned engineering work". Bugger! I'd test ridden the route, checked the locations and quality of cafes and pubs, checked the tide times for the river section, and worked out the trains back to south west London, but I'd completely forgotten about the tube.

The remaining riders at the Tower

The solution was to ride back to Waterloo and get a train to Clapham Junction and ride back from there. It meant a slightly later finish but a longer ride We arrived back in Tooting at about 6pm, tired but happy.

Stats for the ride

36 miles
365 metres of ascent
386 metres of descent
Overall Time approx 9 hrs 30 minutes

Everyone rode all the route bar Rich and Alan who did about two thirds each.

I can't wait for next year. There's a lot more riding we could do...

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