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I should take a look at how the ebook reads on other devices. I have read hundreds of ebooks, and rarely run into formatting problems like the ones I see in this book. The problems aren't pervasive, but a little off putting when they do show up. It sounds like some of the formatting that I'm seeing could be due to the relatively recent development of ebooks. I would guess that auto-formatting will only get better in time. And, to be honest, not that much time.

The content is excellent, and the writing is clear with good voice and flow. I hope that just reading it will make me a better rider (of course I know that's wishful thinking).

I am thankful for the book, and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation (even with the occasional layout problems).
"A properly ridden unicycle is like an object in orbit: constantly falling but never landing." -Diogenes
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