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I'll admit that there could be other reasons why the Hatchet is listed as the only non-beginner best seller. Though I am doubtful that UDC (UK) would just fudge the list completely.

Another (possible) explanation being something like this. I recall some time back that the Hatchet was out of stock on some of the UDCs. It could be that a number of people were waiting for it to come back into stock and then when it arrived, lots of orders at the same time pushed the Hatchet into the best seller list (if for example, this best seller lists represents a short period, e.g. last week or month).

That said, being sold out for some time and having enough pent up orders to cause it to hit the top of the list, would still imply it is fairly popular. Additionally, I have yet to see evidence that it is not selling other than a single claim with no source.

If there is a good source to confirm that it is underselling, e.g. a comment from Roger Davies or others who would have actual numbers, then could someone point to it? Otherwise I will guess it was an invalid assumption.
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