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Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
Don't underestimate the skill involved in doing that, even on a very fat tyre.
If the tire is fat enough, it takes very little skill at all. I recall my first time riding a uni with a 4" tire (this was like 15 years ago). There were no curbs handy at the Slickrock Trail parking lot, but riding the fine, soft sand out of the parking lot was like being on a sidewalk! On a "typical" Muni of the time, it required a lot of attention, and the tire might still dig in and stop.
Originally Posted by YONO View Post
The best seller list could also be artificially created to help sales.
While I would not be surprised if that list was a dead-on representation of sales (by category), one should not expect them to be that way. Especially on large company sites, like Amazon, Walmart, etc. They are usually aimed to steer you to what's popular, but can also be steering you toward what has best profit margin...
Originally Posted by YONO
...I'd guess that the Oracle's 27,5" / 29" or the Impact Reagent's sales are a lot better than the Hatchet...
Could be, but those are "ordinary" unicycles. Nothing can compete with the sales of beginner-type 20" and 24" unicycles though; those are possibly 90% or more of UDC's whole-uni sales.
Originally Posted by mrfixit View Post
The reviews should more closely indicate how many were purchased. I can't imagine that even 10% of unicyclists would own a hatchet.
Reviews should indicate what people like. Sales figures represent something else. But yes, the hatchet doesn't appeal to the average unicyclist; most unicycle riders own one unicycle, and it's a 20" or 24". And they may not even know there's something called Muni.
Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
Regarding riding up curbs: If you can do it on a hatchet, you can probably do it on a regular tired unicycle too.
Perhaps, but not as easily. But the Hatchet's frame shape isn't the reason, it's the tire volume. More volume (with the correct pressure) wil make hitting bigger and bigger bumps easier.
Originally Posted by finnspin
I personally think they are ugly as hell, but there is a crowd that absolutely loves the look of them.
They are definitely odd-looking, and I think that's part of the attraction for a lot of buyers. Like a Hummer (link provided if you don't know that name). Those were fugly SUV-truck things, that people paid a lot of money for at the time. And a lot more in fuel if they drove them.

The Hatchet is like a Hummer, or any over-the-top SUV, except instead of polluting the air, you get more of a workout from riding it.
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