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Hatchets definetely are selling, you see them plenty on facebook and on events. And with them, you get no surprises: A fat unicycle, with the predictable characteristics.
  • They have high rolling resistance
  • They roll over roots and stuff comparatively effortlessly (provided you run a low-ish tire pressure, which you should, because that's the point of them)
  • They turn and accelerate slow
  • Advantage of turning and accelerating slowly is a feeling of stability
  • The tire acts as suspension for impacts from drops, but can have some weird bouncing characteristics.

With the fatties I've tested so far, I didn't hit my knees on the frame on any of them, even though only one of them was a hatchet, and 3 were triton frames with a conventional frame design, so the frame wasn't anything special for me. Some others have reportet it solving their issues with hitting legs on frame with fatties.

Regarding riding up curbs: If you can do it on a hatchet, you can probably do it on a regular tired unicycle too. Where fat tires shines especially is paths with lots of smaller roots and stones.

I personally think they are ugly as hell, but there is a crowd that absolutely loves the look of them. I guess it's a similar crowd as the people I see riding fat bicycles in the city. I can see buying them for the functionality though (look at Malte showing fat tire advantages here: ).
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