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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
Anyways, fast/frwd to now. I hardly see anything about the hatchet. No new videos. It's barely selling.
I'm not going to say you are wrong because you might know something I do not but it does not appear to me that the Hatchet isn't selling. What are you basing this on?

If I head over to UDK UK it lists their best sellers on the landing page. Five different unicycles are shown. Four of them are cheap machines clearly aimed at beginners (24" Adult Trainer, 20" Hoppley Beginner, 20" Adult Trainer , 20" Club), with prices ranging from £60-£115 (€66.50-127.50 / $74-142) . That makes sense as a lot of people probably pick up a basic unicycle and never really progress past beginner, and this accounts for a very large percentage of sales.

The other best seller however, is clearly for people with more experience and ability. It is a 26" Nimbus Hatchet, priced at £600 (€665 / $740).

If this best seller list is to believed, the Hatchet is outselling all other fancy unicycles. Again… maybe it is wrong but without opposing evidence it would seem to me that the Hatchet is doing just fine.
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