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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Back to the Hatchet. We spend part of our summer on the shores of Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri. DaUniGuy coined a type of riding: "Gravel Bar" riding. The two of us went out once and tried it. Really difficult. Loose rocks, on average the size of a golf ball. Everything sliding around. Plenty of larger, jagged stuff to fall on.
When we went elpuebloUNIdo we were getting rain that time of year and it was pretty moist. That makes it tougher I was down last weekend and took my 19 equinox street and my 24 oracle muni and had a blast.

I went to EE access on flat creek (see link below) and the water was low, banks were dry and the Good Ol Boys had it packed down from their 4X4's. I had a blast! Both Unis worked well. You will not get a long distance ride, more of session riding different areas. The locals get a kick out of it. Good place for a couple of attention whores like you and me to ride.LOL

Afterwards Flat creek is a pretty nice place to swim and enjoy a cold beer or a warm one for wobbling bear). Jenkins is a pretty nice place to ride as well.

I think a hatchet would be fine.

EE access
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