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Originally Posted by LoneWolf View Post
Thanks for all the advice guys. I won’t be wrecking a nice Hatchet until I can ride fairly well. I do like that idea of learning on grass with a Muni tyre !! Grass is inherently softer than pavement !!
I encourage beginners to only make initial attempts on grass mainly because the first thing they should learn is the "emergency dismount". Falling is a constant companion of the unicyclist so best get to know it early. Build the falling skill as you build your riding skill. Fear is a serious learning inhibitor.

For the same reason always wear protection, especially wrist guards.

Very few new riders can get anywhere on the first attempt so it doesn't matter about grass being harder to ride on. Of course, best if it fits the description of "lawn" rather than "paddock". I learnt on rough grass and it definitely made it very frustrating but I was quickly able to learn to deal with terrain when I got out onto the roads and footpaths.

The grass does reduce the tendency of the uni to fly out from under the rider giving a little more time to react.

A slight downhill overcomes the grass resistance to pedalling.

However once you can manage a turn or two, best move to a hard smooth surface and it will seem really easy.
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