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Originally Posted by anton005 View Post
I also am not a fan of riding on grass, the biggest problem for me is it hides the actual ground so you can't see the bumps. It is especially bad on a small wheel. There is no sense in making learning harder. The best surface for learning is smooth with no bumps. Usually ends up being pavement or a gym floor. I wouldn't let the fear of falling dictate where you ride, if you can ride 20 feet you are well into the learning curve, just keep on riding.
If a beginner can ride 20 feet, then I agree, they are probably better off sticking to a smooth surface, like you said. If a beginner aspires to muni, they need to 1. eventually get comfortable riding with one hand on the seat handle, then 2. Start riding on uneven surfaces.

I agree that "there is no sense in making learning harder." But that philosophy can be misinterpreted in a variety ways. Just because we are struggling, that doesn't mean we aren't learning. And, perfecting our current technique, with all its limitations, doesn't necessarily move us toward the next technique. Bottom line: Newbies should experiment, they should try a bunch of different things.
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