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of course, as ultimate wheel riders will tell us, the seat is not essential to the steering. I agree that all turns must start off with some good old Newtonian reaction against a mass - which means (in crude terms) you turn your lower body against the mass of your upper body and/or arms. I don't agree that counter steering is always used - in a turn 'on the spot' for example. However, counter steering is an essential component of steering when riding at any sort of speed.

But back tot he steering with the pedals. It may or may not be literally true, but it is a useful way of 'feeling' what you are doing. Especially with sharp turns, or at low speed, timing the turn to coincide with the pedal going down is a useful skill.

When riding, we don't consciously do physics calculations - we ride by feel. if the 'steering with the pedals' idea feels right and helps a new rider to develop the skill, surely that's all to the good.
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