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Although my understanding of the theory is miniscule, and I have tried to work some math in my head while riding -well arithmetic really -but I was chewing gum at the time!... Anyway, I like to think smooth turns are accomplished (at faster speeds) by leaning slightly foreward of the balance point and slightly into the turn. Leaning backward during a turn usually makes the turn more sharp and jerky. Understand leaning forward causes speed to increase, and leaning backward decreases speed, but it seems to help smooth turning. I've also noticed, in my trail riding, that only the wheel needs to be leaned into the turn. Sharp turns between close trees can be negotiated while leaning the wheel (and rest of muni) into the turn, while the rider (me) leans away from the turn. It's great fun, but bumping trees at speed leaves bruises on my shoulders. -Perhaps I should lean back a little.
I'm sure that thinking about it too much while riding does not help.
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