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Re: How do you turn corners?

>Back to counter steering, all you do is you use the pedal steering
>effect as for a 'sharp turn' to turn the uni a little way to the right,
>but with out allowing it to lean to the right. As your momentum is
>carrying you forwards, and the wheel is moved to the right, the effect
>is to tip the uni onto its left side quite quickly and smoothly, then
>you pedal round the curve as for a gentle curve.

>Of course, once you can do it, you should seldom think about it - just
>do it. So if you want one simple answer: you steer with the pedals, not
>the seat.

Pedals may have some part in steering a unicycle, but to say that
unicycles are steered with the pedals is misleading.

Almost all turning is initiated by a counter-steer. To counter-steer a
unicycle, angular action / reaction is used. To turn left, a
counter-steer to the right must first be done to establish a left lean.
To counter-steer to the right, the upper body must twist to the left (the
action) and in reaction the lower body must twist to the right which is
the right counter-steer. With the left lean established it is now
natural for the unicycle to circle to the left by just pedaling through
it. To get out of the left turn at the desired turn angle, just do a
counter-steer to the left to neutralize the lean and continue straight

The part the pedals play in counter-steering is they transmit some of
the lower body twisting to the unicycle, but the seat also plays this
role as well. Of course, the pedals have no role in the upper body
twisting other than being a part of the reaction to that action.


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