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There are two basic ways to turn a unicyle: the gradual curve, as in following the curve of a road or path, and the sudden sharp turn through 90 or 180 degrees (or more) almost on the spot. (This excludes hopping and turning and all that clever stuff.)

For the gradual turn, the unicycle leans in the general direction you want to turn, just like a bicycle or motorcycle. You need to keep the speed up. Long constant radius turns require concentration - the tighter the curve, the more concentration needed.

For the sharp turn, it is easiest to turn to the right as the right pedal goes down, or to the left as the left pedal goes down.

To see how this works, get off the uni, stand it up, and push down on the pedal with your hand. If you allow it to do so, the uni will lean slightly and turn sharply.

Virtually all of the steering effect comes from the lean and the curvature of the wheel. It is nothing to do with hip snad thighs, gripping the seat or waving your arms, although these things can help in some circumstances. ;0)

Back to counter steering, all you do is you use the pedal steering effect as for a 'sharp turn' to turn the uni a little way to the right, but with out allowing it to lean to the right. As your momentum is carrying you forwards, and the wheel is moved to the right, the effect is to tip the uni onto its left side quite quickly and smoothly, then you pedal round the curve as for a gentle curve.

Of course, once you can do it, you should seldom think about it - just do it. So if you want one simple answer: you steer with the pedals, not the seat.
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